Speaking Engagements


February 6, 2015 –  Premiere of “Iowans Return to Freedom Summer”  at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, Fairfield, IA

January 19, 2015MLK Day Observance -Mercy College, Des Moines, IA

October 20,21, 2014Keynote Speaker, National History Day Kickoff, State Historical Museum of Iowa, Des Moines, IA

September 20,21, 2013International Day of Peace, Dubuque, IA

February 22, 2013“Let Freedom Ring – Celebrate Black History”  Gala Fundraiser at the Sondheim Theatre in Fairfield, IA

January 18, 2013MLK Day Celebration, MUM, Fairfield, IA

November 14, 2012Mason City High School, Mason City, IA

November 15, 2012Algona High School, Algona, IA

November 15, 2012  – Corwith-Wesley School,  IA

November 16, 2012West Marshall High School, State Center, IA

October 3 & 4, 2012 Drake University, Des Moines, IA

January 16, 2012 – Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield, IA

November 15, 2011 – Iowa Non-Profit Summit – Ames, IA

July 8-9, 2011 – North Iowa Writers Workshop – Mason City, IA

January 22, 2011Truman State University – Kirksville, MO

January 17, 2011Waldorf College – Forest City, IA

March 26, 2010 – Tate High School,   Iowa City, IA

January 20, 2010 – University of Nebraska – Lincoln

January 14, 2010Washington High School – Washington, IA

September 14, 2009Tate High School, Iowa City, IA – Oral History project

May 12, 2009 – Tate Alternative High School
Iowa City, IA

May 5, 2008Metro High School – Cedar Rapids, IA

April 5, 2008Cedar Rapids, IA – African American Museum – “Celebrate Freedom” – Commemoration of 40th Anniversary of assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

February 9, 2008Dubuque, IA – (Public Library – 2:00 PM)

February 2, 2008Ft. Madison, IA – Southeast Iowa Black History Month Celebration – Santa Fe United Methodist Church – 1:00-4:30 PM

January 24, 2008Iowa Wesleyan College – Mt. Pleasant, IA

January 21, 2008Central College – Pella, IA

September 12, 2007 Mt. Pleasant, IA (Public Library, 12 noon)

February 22, 2007Loras College – Dubuque, IA

January 15, 2007Keynote Speaker at 11th Annual – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Diversity Awards & Scholarship Program Ceremony – Muscatine, IA

December 4, 2006Solon High School – Solon, IA

January 16, 2006Northeast Iowa Community College – Calmar, IA

December, 2005Metro High School – Cedar Rapids, IA

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  1. Thanks so much for speaking at Solon yesterday. We’re all much richer in knowledge and graced with a very special experience because of your courage and kindness.

    Thank you,

    Todd Kopecky

  2. Thank you so much for comming and talking to my Stride for Freedom class. Everything that you had to say made the past just seem more real to me and my classmates and that’s something we don’t see enough of in school these days. Things are explained to us the best that our teachers know how but it is amazing to get the chance to talk to someone that actually lived it. Thank you again.

  3. Id like to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to speak to our class, it was very interesting.

  4. Thanks for coming to our class.

  5. Thank you for speaking with us at Solon, it helped me understand what happend and what is still happening. Stay real.


    Trent Cornwall

  6. Thank You for taking the time to visit our class and talk about your experiences.

    Ashley Yakish

  7. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come and talk about your experiences. It took guts to go down there amongst all that hatred. You are a true hero. Thanks again.

  8. I was wowed by the amount of guts it took to stand up to society. Rebeling is nessacarily bad

  9. isnt*

  10. Thank you so much for coming to your school. It was a very interesting and inspiring presentation. Some of the things you accomplished and stood up for are simply amazing. You are a hero in my eyes as well as the students you talked to.

  11. Thank you so much for coming to our class and talking about your experience in the the civil right movement. It helped me better understand how the south was.

  12. Thank you so much for comeing and talking to our Stride for Freedom class. It helped me better understand what happened and what is still happening today.

    Thank you again

  13. Thank you for coming to our class to speak about your experiences with the civil rights movment in the 60’s. It was interesting to hear from someone who was actually there and to hear everything you had to say. Thank you again.

    Luke Moses

  14. Thanks for sharing your time and story with us. What you had to say was very interesting and beneficial. Thanks again.

  15. Thank you alot for stoping at our school and telling us of your story. I didn’t really think that white people were hated as much as they were. I thought they were not liked as much because white people helped black people but now because of you and your courage I know more!

    Thank you,

    Nick Messinger

  16. Thank you for coming to our class to speak to us yesterday. Thanks for showing all of the interesting pictures and telling your stories. You showed a lot of courage going down there when your life was in danger. Thanks for everything!

    Thank you,

    Reece Jedlicka

  17. I also would like to express my graditude to you for speaking at Solon High School. I personally have always preferred a live speaker rather then working from a book. You provided us with a priceless window into the south in that time period. I appreciate all your past, and present work.

    Thank You Kindly,

    Dan Powers

  18. I really appreciate you coming to talk to our class yesterday. It was very interesting. We have learned about what happened during the civil rights movement in class, but you taught us about what it was like to actually be there and experiance it. Thank you.

  19. I wanted thank you for comming to our class and telling your story. It was very interesting. It was one of the few things in history I have ever heard first hand.

    Thanks a lot,
    Philip Francois

  20. I was intrigued to read my namesake’s comments. I live in England, and have a project underway to research the Messinger family tree. Kind regards Nick Messinger

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